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Our ‘PALM Methodology’ (Penetrate affluent + luxury markets) focuses on best prospects who are active, predictive and repetitive, as well as driving top-of-mind brand awareness, interest and brand preference to those with financial capacity.    

1. Advertise to prospects who walk into your competitor’s showrooms or offices for they are actively shopping.

2. Advertise to prospects shopping for a new home for they are predictive prospects.

3. Advertise to prospects whose profession or passions makes them repetitive buyers, specifiers or collectors, for example, architects and art collectors.

4. Build top-of-mind brand awareness, create interest and brand preference by marketing to:

    1. Prospects with capacity, based on where they live or congregate.  For example, private clubs or simply net worth.
    2. Prospects whose persona matches past clients or yourself – this may run from sports they play/follow, cars they drive, how they travel, what they read, where they live, size of home, their hobbies, etc.

5. Advertise to realtors, journalists, colleagues, friends, past clients or community leaders for they are friends of your brand and influencers.

All of our clients are unique; not every program is right for every one.  Our commonality and expertise is we all target the affluent.  We will create a custom marketing plan for you that is specific to your targeted prospects and objectives.  

You can reach your best prospects regardless of their location or level of affluence.

Each campaign includes your private dashboard that is updated daily.  Unlike any other marketing, we will provide you measurable results and remarkable ROI.

Precise Luxury Marketing has developed proprietary algorithms consistent with HNWIs.  This alone, provides significant lift for our clients.