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The Home Trust International is reserved for the finest brands in each home category in each market. Our criteria for membership:

  • Highest integrity and reputation
  • Values consistent with pillars of classic luxury marketing
  • Distinct products, brands, or services within the home industry
  • Already serving high net worth families and their influencers as a connoisseur of their category, artisan, or trusted advisor

Our robust consumer-facing website serves high net worth families and their influencers with the finest products and services for their homes.  The large gorgeous images and introduction to new resources keep them coming back.

However, it’s the outbound marketing engine behind the platform that drives our member’s success.

We are committed to remaining the most exclusive organization in design/luxury home.

Scarcity serves high net worth individuals by providing edited selections of the best of the best.  And it serves our members who’ve earned their place among the world’s finest brands. 

Our mission:

1.  Serve high net worth families and their influencers with the world’s finest products and services for their homes.

2.  Accelerate the rise of home connoisseurship. Home Trust members recognize the nuances that bridge taste and sophistication to mitigate trends that marginalize quality, professional design, artisanship and craftsmanship.

3. Serve members by connecting them to high net worth individuals by creating hyper-targeted technologically advanced, affordable, and effective marketing programs

“Connoisseurship is not about objects; it’s a process of thinking about and making distinctions among things.  True connoisseurs … do not merely possess knowledge, like scholars. They possess a sixth sense called taste.”

Laurence Kanter Chief Curator,
Yale Department of the History of Art

Our discipline and differentiation:

  • Limited membership in each category
  • Exclusively for brands that serve high net worth families and their influencers.
  • Execute classic luxury marketing strategies where your brand is superlative; not comparative.
Our values are centered around pillars of classic luxury marketing:
  • Loyalty
  • Heritage
  • Narrative
  • Creativity
  • Artification
  • Provenance
  • Authenticity
  • Brand is sacred
  • Discreet and private
  • Scarcity and exclusivity
  • Sophistication and grace
  • Marketing to create desire
  • Respect for the environment
  • Connoisseurship of category
  • Unique point of view driven by founder
  • Highest non-negotiable standards of quality
  • Preservation of artisanship and craftsmanship

Join us.  Be the predator, not prey.

Marketing technology is changing how high-end and luxury brands go to market.  The impact of the internet, the demise of print, and the fragmentation of radio and television are profoundly changing how the affluent learn about new brands and shop.  We are committed to providing advanced, affordable and effective marketing technology for our clients.

COVID caused substantial shifts in how consumers buy products, how they define value, how they digest advertising, what messages resonate, and what causes a negative response. You don’t sell to the affluent; you fascinate and match values.

Where you’re seen, with whom you’re associated, and what you believe is as important as what you sell; certainly more important than price to the affluent.  So is staying in front of best prospects – even when business is good.

The Home Trust’s commitment to successful innovative marketing, luxury as a business model, and market intelligence will help further secure your long term success.

“Luxury brands plant seeds.”

Luxury Daily

The Home Trust was founded by Chris Ramey www.affluentinsights.com.  He’s spent the last 25 years helping high-end and luxury brands penetrate the market.  His current and past clients range from many dozens of independent dealers in design/home to major luxury brands including The Ritz-Carlton and Silversea to Northern Trust and Lamborghini Automobili.  He sits on the Private Service Alliance board and he write a column for Hearst Business Publications.

Ramey founded The Home Trust International to provide advanced marketing technologies and strategies so you can compete more effectively, efficiently, and profitably.