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We leverage satellites, artificial intelligence, third-party data, proprietary algorithms, and

best practices in marketing technology to find your best prospects

regardless of their net worth, who they may be, or where they are located.

A few examples: 

1. Active shoppers who visited a competitor’s showroom, office or studio

2. By net worth* 

3. By business titles, for example, accountant, president, contractor, etc.

4. By equity in home*

5. Members of private clubs* 

6. Individuals in your market who belong to clubs in other markets or vice versa*

7. New home buyers before they make an offer

8. Celebrities*

9. Prospects who fly private*

10. Any database (prospects, past clients, influencers, etc.)

11. Our PR database that includes most journalists at every major publication from NYT and WSJ to AD and USA Today

12. Prospects who read AD, Veranda & other design pubs*

13. Prospects who read WSJ + other business publications*

14. Prospects who own yachts*

15. Fine art collectors*

16. Horse owners, followers of equestrian sports and polo*

17. Prospects who exercise*

18. Business owners who belong to industry associations or attend industry events*

19. Owners of luxury hotel-branded residences* 

20. Prospects based on age of children along with value or age of home*

21. Prospects with home that sit on 10, 20, 30 or >40 acres*

22. Single-family residences valued at $500k up to >$200m

23. Prospects based on length of home ownership*

24. Drivers of luxury cars; any car brand except Bugatti*

25. Golfers, skiers, foodies or cruisers* 

26. Condominium HOA members*

27. Readers of sport publications from Hoofworld to Yachting World*

28. Attendees at think tanks including Davos, Aspen Institute and Chautauqua Institution*

29. Crypto currency investors*

30. Female heads of household*

31. Members of either political party

32. Watch and/or jewelry collectors* 

33. Homes by number of bedrooms*

34. Prospects who’ve paid off their home*

* Indicates you may overlay with a minimum net worth or specify value of home 



In short, we can reach your best prospects regardless of their location or level of affluence.

Each campaign includes your private dashboard that is updated daily.  Unlike any other marketing, we will provide you measurable results and remarkable ROI.