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‘2024 Townhall and Ellie’s Celebration’ presentation.

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With our advanced digital marketing you can affordably market directly to Naples wealthiest residents regardless of the time of year:

  • Naples’ residents by net worth
  • Prospects who visit any specific OPEN HOUSE
  • Residents who fly private (NetJets, Flexjet, etc)
  • Residents who drive a Bentley – or any car you select (except Bugatti)

Our most popular out-of-season campaign:

  • Target members of any private club regardless of where they may be. Then overlay with a minimum $5m or $10m net worth. Call me at 561.876.8077 and I’ll tell you how we do it.      

Call or write Chris Ramey today at 561.876.8077 / cpr@thehometrust.com

Targeted digital marketing is the faster way to increase your listings and sales. 

Call Chris Ramey today at 561.876.8077 / cpr@thehometrust.com