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Grow beyond referrals by marketing to the affluent AND THEIR INFLUENCERS who are outside your circle of influence.

Luxury brands keep images in front of their best prospects and clients to remain fresh, and to ensure brand preference/desire. It is the first pillar of classic luxury marketing to drive revenue and higher margins.

This is how you grow beyond referrals.

If Cartier, NetJets, Chanel, Patek Philippe, and Van Cleef & Arpels leverage digital marketing to keep their brand fresh in the minds of their best prospects, then perhaps you should consider it too.

Here’s why brands are moving to digital and Precise Marketing Tactics:

  • Algorithms specific to affluent families, and their design professionals and estate managers

  • Keeps your brand fresh with those who matter

  • Only market to those with the wealth you specify

  • Superior ROI

  • Nimble

  • Measurable

  • Management is deeply embedded in the luxury space

Our methodology balances outbound classic luxury marketing strategies with advanced proprietary marketing technology to drive affluent prospects, who likely weren’t familiar with your brand, to your website.

Your digital marketing will be effective, measurable, and affordable.  Precise Marketing Tactics will keep you hyper-focused on your best HNW prospects.

No gatekeepers.  Market exclusively to decision makers.